Among 50 million people, 10 million are suffering from hair problem.

Many people are investing time and money to solve this problem, but cannot reach the solution.

Many products currently available on the market cannot meet customers' needs and expectation.

Now, it's time to find the best way for the healthy and rich hair!

Here is our motto - constant daily care for healthy hair.


It's a combination of the words "EVERY DAY"(daily use) and "TOKTOK" (lightly tapping)

We named it EVERYTOKTOK, which represents the easy and constant use by lightly tapping your scalp every day.

Product development history

The good habit is crucial for keep your scalp and hair healthy.


Use the right products only containing the natural ingredient without chemical compound. 

The scalp pores are the widest in the human body. 

If the synthetic chemicals penetrate into scalp pores with the daily use of shampoo, it not only weakens the roots but also builds up the harmful chemical in the body. 

That's where the Everytoktok powder shampoo was born - completely excluding all synthetic chemicals. 

EVERYTOKTOK Powder Shampoo only using naturally derived surfactants turns out marvelously effective for hair and scalp health.


Your need to nourish and moisture your scalp using tonic after shampooing.

Applying moisture and nutrition on the scalp and hair roots, which helps strengthen hair.

The existing spray-type hair tonic is not ideal due to the inconvenience of use. 

The needs for the easy-to-use intrigued us to develop the new container. 

3 years' research and development finally made us possible to develop the totally new EVERYTOKTOK Hair Tonic. 

The tapping EVERYTOKTOK Hair Tonic is easy and effective for continuous scalp nutrition.

Product development history

2016.03.  Domestic Patent application - Cap for scalp care container capable of applying liquid

2016.09.  Domestic Trademark application - EVERYTOKTOK

2016.10.  Domestic Design application - Cap for scalp care container capable of applying liquid

2017.03.  Domestic sales launched - EVERYTOKTOK Hair Tonic

2017.09.  Patent application in US, Japan, China - Cap for scalp care container capable of applying liquid

2018.05.  Domestic patent registration - Cap for scalp care container capable of applying liquid

2018.12.  Bronze medal awarded at the KINPEX (Korea Invention Patent Exhibition 2018)

2019.01.  Domestic patent application - Powder shampoo and the menufacturing technology

2019.01.  Sales of EVERYTOKTOK Powder Shampoo launched

2019.01.  Sales of Premium EVERYTOKTOK Hair Tonic (functional products) launched

2019.03.  Export of EVERYTOKTOK Hair Tonic to China Launched

Hair is like a tree. 

 This natural powder shampoo without synthetic ingredients will remove sebum and dandruff on your scalp effectively.

Nourishing and boosting your hair with the hair tonic after shampooing.

If the soil is clean and fertile, the tree grows healthy.

If the scalp is clean and the roots are healthy, the hair grows rich and Shiny.

Now, with EVERYTOKTOK, you can make healthy scalp and rich hair to 100 years old.

We promise…

to be sincere and dedicated to develop the reliable scalp and hair products first

and foremost cherishing the customers' needs, health and the environment.

Confidently yours,


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